Dedicated to our agricultural heritage

Looking ahead to a bright future

Innovating for growth and economic prosperity

Offering a wide range of agricultural assets

Bringing fresh perspectives to timeless traditions

Cattle means big business in Sumter County


For the livestock farmer, Sumter’s warm and mild climate keeps good pasture on tap – one of the reasons that our beef is enjoyed across the United States.


Sumter farmers produce incredible blueberries, peaches, sweet potatoes, citrus, sugar cane, grains, blackberries, peanuts and lots more.


Many are discovering the simple joy of harvesting super-fresh produce amidst the lush greenery and warm breezes of a working farm.

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If you like to grow things, you’ll love Sumter County. Our zone 9 climate is perfect for a wide variety of crops – and the region’s mild winters allow Sumter farmers to grow fresh veggies year-round. Now, thanks to new low-chill varieties developed by the University of Florida, this is also a great place to grow peaches and blueberries.